Виды деятельности
Виды деятельности нашего предприятия
Technical advice in the field of land management
Information and Analytics Center of Land Monitoring
Creation of land information systems
Creation of navigation maps of 1: 10000 scale, among other purposes, for precision agriculture
Creation of soil maps in digital form
Development of land management schemes of administrative districts
Creation of orthophotomplans using aerial and satellite images
Provision of services for application for state registration of the creation of a land plot and the emergence of the right to it
Soil and agrochemical survey of land
Development of internal land management plan
Land plot division and merging
Content of cadastral documentation
Preliminary approval of the location of the land plot
Documentation for the development of the land allocation plan
Development of land plot allotment plan
How to determine the amount of losses
Determining the amount of losses in the seizure of land and demolition of capital buildings located on them
Objectives of the evaluation of objects of civil law rights
Independent valuation of objects of civil law rights
Cadastral valuation of agricultural lands